SDM Microsoft Next.spaceState Darwin Museum is inviting you to complete the "Life Code" AR-quest - one of the first AR quests in the world as well as the biggest museum quest in Russia! The quest is free for all museum visitors and is available for Android and iOS, including online format.


According to the story line of the game, the action takes place in 2057 (the year of the 150th anniversary of the State Darwin Museum), when humanity is very close to decoding the genome of all living things on Earth. To collect the missing data, you are sent to Darwin Museum, where DNA samples of rare and extinct animal species are stored. You will have to complete tasks given by a personal assistant - artificial intelligence robot MAX-2057, as well as solve puzzles and look for "keys" and clues hidden among the museum's exhibits.


In order to find the "Life Code", you will need to interact with real museum exhibits in AR mode - in total, more than 30 modern and extinct animals participate in the quest, from the ocean sunfish to the Velociraptor.

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About the project:

The "Life Code" quest is the first stage of cooperation within the framework of the Memorandum of understanding between the State Darwin Museum and Microsoft in Russia. The AR-quest was created in partnership with, which specializes in VR and AR technologies and innovative museum projects. The famous illustrator Pavel Nikitaev created a motion comic that recreates the atmosphere of the near future. The AI assistant was voiced by Vsevolod Kuznetsov - voice actor, Russian voice of Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, and Keanu Reeves. The concept of an AR-quest in the setting of the future was created by Alexander Lavrov, the President of the Chapter of The Global Association for VR and AR (VRARA Moscow Chapter). The Darwin Museum team conducted scientific consultations.