For emergency please contact the Guided tours office at the ground floor, on the left from the ticket office, or call 115 using local phone (available in every exhibition hall).

Cell/mobile phones and smartphones can be recharged at the entrance to the museum, near the interactive centre “Cognize yourself – Discover the World”. REMEMBER that It is not safe to leave your phone charging and continue to explore exhibition halls. There are comfortable couches for you to relax while waiting for the phone to be recharged.

Toilets can be found on level 0 at the Permanent exhibition complex and at the Temporary exhibitions complex on levels 0, 1, 2, 3. Baby changing facilities are found on levels 0 at the Permanent exhibition complex and 1 at the Temporary exhibitions complex in the restroom for disabled.

The elevator for the disabled people is located to the right from the main entrance, next to the security guard post. Other elevators in the main building are located in all exhibition halls and can be used by disabled and/or elderly visitors, as well as by visitors with baby carriages. Elevators in the temporary exhibitions building can be used by all visitors.