Cognize yourself – Discover the world

Interactive educational centre

Centre ticket prices:

On weekdays:
Adult — 90 roubles;
Reduced * — 60 roubles;
Preschool — 20 rubles.

On weekends and holidays:
Adult — 120 roubles;
Reduced * — 80 rubles;
Preschool — 20 rubles.

Reduced tickets are available for school students, senior citizens, parents with large families, and full time students.

Free tickets are available for orphans, disabled visitors (I and II groups), and members of the Soviet Armed Forces during the Great Patriotic War.

A museum ticket is required to visit the centre!

“Cognize yourself – Discover the world” is a new interactive educational centre of the State Darwin museum. The whole universe is concentrated in the area of 200 sq. m. including tiniest, invisible to the eye organisms and the objects of a planetary scale. The latest technologies allow to explore yourself and the world around you by using all your senses in the wonderful interactive activities of the centre.

Our interactive centre reveals the secrets of nature in all their glory. Here you will have a great opportunity to see our world through the eyes of various animals including birds and mice, compare your physical strength to the one of an elephant, hear the heartbeat of a Hummingbird or the beat of your own heart, go anywhere in the world with a wave of the hand, feed voracious robots or walk on a glass floor.

All visitors can play and take pictures with the main hero of the center, a friendly chameleon Charlie. Your photo can be immediately sent to any contact via email.

On Thursdays the interactive center "Cognize yourself – Discover the world " is open until 20:00. After 18:00 you may access the centre through the exhibition complex.

Актуальные мероприятия

интерактивная экспозиция детям доступный музей

Прошедшие мероприятия

Tuesday from 10:00 before 18:00
Wednesday from 10:00 before 18:00
Thursday from 10:00 before 20:00
Friday from 10:00 before 18:00
Saturday from 10:00 before 18:00
Sunday from 10:00 before 18:00


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